Photography by Category

I make it a point to practice pretty much every single day. I don’t leave the house without my camera in tow, and between living in one of the more complex cities on earth and traveling around aimlessly for the past few years, I’ve accumulated a decent backlog of interesting photography.

But I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. Although spending an hour or two each day meandering about with a camera has been an absolute game changer for me in terms of improving my skills, that hour or two has been spent somewhat indiscriminately. It hasn’t given enough time to really explore any particular topic in depth, and taken as a whole, it feels kinda incoherent.

This sense of incoherence has lead me to create this website. I’m trying to turn these pictures into stories (photoessays) that require me to spend more time with something, and really make sense of it rather than just point a camera at it and move on.

But nonetheless, here are some interesting things that I’ve pointed my camera at. I hope you enjoy, and I hope it’s interesting.