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August 5th, 2018

The Greatest Travel Hack

Shelter, food, and friendship — these are the three most pressing needs in life. And travel is mostly just an effort to find more exciting ways to satisfy them. Mixing things up with a little unpredictability and even a bit of inconvenience now and then spices things up, and helps you to appreciate the nuances [...]

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July 21st, 2018

Rangefinder Lenses on Mirrorless Cameras

There’s nothing wrong with autofocus lenses, but I don’t own any. I used to have a few, but at a certain point I just stopped using them altogether, eventually sold them, and bought more rangefinder lenses. I’m not against autofocus or any other fancy technology — I spend most of my time in shutter priority, and I rely heavily on modern sensors with copious dynamic range to save poorly exposed images. But I just like to manual focus. It’s fun in the same way that shooting a gun is fun, or free-throws, darts, billiards, curling, horseshoes, lawn darts, or and any other aim game that takes a little coordination and finesse. It is a challenge and a skill that requires regular practice, and so I end up taking more pictures because I enjoy the process of getting better at it. That’s good enough a reason as far as I’m concerned, but after spending the past two years shooting exclusively with rangefinder lenses adapted to Sony mirrorless cameras, I’ve realized that there are also a number of practical reasons to go through the trouble.

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